brain scramble

 In a capitalist society, poor people must exist in order to give others wealth. We will never have a functioning society where everyone is equal, due to the necessary existance of those who are less fortunate.

 There has never been, and will never be, a successful communist country.

 Mayonase is disgusting and whoever likes it should be put to death. I don't even care what anyone says, egg yolk and acid sauce is absolutely abhorrent.

 Many doctors will misdiagnose patients and give them wildly unecessary treatments and sometimes even dangerous and harmful medications and those doctors will never recieve punishment for ruining someone's life

 The porn addiction within teen youth is out of control and needs to be handled, as it is a gateway to many other addictions, and gives a distorted view of intimacy sexual intercourse, general relationships, and self body image.

If it weren't for wild mismanagment, Commodore would still be making computers to this day