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3-27-4 — 1 Kudos


Category: Personal

I tend to make a lot of excuses for my actions. I guess it’s just a habit, although an unhealthy one. I really don’t try to be a burden, I just try to explain myself and it comes across as ... » Continue Reading

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3-21-4 — 2 Kudos

The Demon Core

Category: History

On May 21st, 1946, Louis Slotin was playing around with his exposed nuclear bomb core using a screwdriver and a half-shell of beryllium at a secret base in New Mexico ... » Continue Reading

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2-29-4 — 0 Kudos

I recently bought a few floppy disks from a random person at a convention.

Category: Technology

I was at this weird convention recently. I don't know what it was for because I just kind of walked in without admission. Nobody stopped me for some reason, pretty bad security in my opinion. But I saw this guy selling floppy diskettes. ...» Continue Reading

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1-12-4 — 1 Kudos

Politics and Technology of 1920

Category: History

The 1920s was a decade of new technology. Before 1920, radios were used to communicate with ships at sea. They would use Morse code messages. In the 1920s the radio began to increase in popularity across the U.S and europe. The KDKA and BBC were broadcasting station that began to surface. In 1922 the BBc started spreading across the UK. ...» Continue Reading

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